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Thank you for visiting the Integrity IP patent services website. You may find many important patent resources amongst these webpages useful. Now celebrating our 20th year, Integrity IP has been your patent advisors and counsel since 1992. We are happy to report the United States patent system has never been more exciting and useful. Commissioner Kappos has revolutionized the patent office and the benefit is all yours. The new Patent Office is becoming a high performance patent system quite unlike the sluggish jammed-up system we had just a few years ago.


Some Important Patent Features

These, among others, are most important features of this website. Please have a look at the following pages which might help answer your questions and get you further up to speed with respect to patent processes and information.


Patent Encyclopedia

To get started, you may find the Integrity IP Patent Glossary particularly useful for learning about specific patent related terms and nomenclature. Please notice that our friend’s comments appear at the bottom of each topic and you are invited to contribute by adding comments as you like. In this patent glossary, we provide direct and clear discussion about patent terms which are commonly used with patents, innovation, patenting, invention and the patent process – without unnecessary fancy ‘legalese’. We try to give it to you straight.


Patent Documents Library

Our Patent Library is loaded with a very good collection of reference materials on most important patent related topics. The library of patent documents is arranged with a view towards problems an inventor and entrepreneur might face when considering how to get a patent. Most of this material is from patent attorneys, patent experts, the patent office and the patent courts. You will find a special ‘Hot Topics’ section for those issues which are presently trending.


Patent BlogStream

The very best of patent blogging all in one stream. The Integrity IP Patent Blogstream brought to you by our news partner Blog Digest will keep you connected to the most important and humorous patent blog writers in a single visit. Frequently undated, please put a link in your ‘favorites’ so you can revisit daily.


Patent Related News

These carefully prepared news feeds…We have included direct news feeds with today’s patent news in the following important areas: Electronics Patent News, Biotech Patent News, Software Patent News, Energy Patent News, Telecommunications Patent News, Automotive Patent News, Agricultural Patent News, Nanotech Patent News, CleanTech Patent News and others. Visit these news feeds to read about today’s patent activity in your area of interest.


Patent Video Collection

Our new video collection of patent related short YouTube videos is here for your review. These videos made by various sources are arranged here in an easy to browse list of videos arranged with a view to quality and importance. Please have a look.


Special Patent Offers and Programs

Integrity IP proudly promotes some very special offers for student inventors and micro start-up entrepreneurs. We provide pro bono patent services or free patent applications to well qualified students who earn these free patent services with project excellence. Students may learn more about and apply for our free patent services program here: Free Patents. In addition, micro start-ups can sometimes qualify for reduced patent fees and patent fee deferral via our collaboration special program where patent service fees are split three ways between the inventor, a cooperating financing supporter (e.g. venture capital, business angel, investment advisor), and Integrity IP for the benefit of all. In this way, we provide patenting services to those in need who could not otherwise benefit from this valuable part of the invention and entrepreneur system.
We hope you will find our website to be informative and easy to use. Feel free to make any suggestions we might use to improve. For more details on how to get a patent, how to apply for a patent, or patent applications, our patent agent and patent attorney services include the necessary actions to bring about an early patent grant. Please call +1 858 699 6015 now to get started.

Integrity IP offers patent services. Patenting, patents and patent applications are included in the service we offer. Integrity IP promotes patent services to inventors, entrepreneurs, research, technology, biotech, software, and early stage start-up companies.

patent attorney, patent lawyer and patent agent services are available at Integrity IP. For inventors who need to learn how to get a patent, how to apply for a patent, how to file a patent application, Integrity IP offers the solutions You can get a patent by filing a patent application. Patent application writing and patent application filing are part of our primary services. We also provide provisional patent application service. We can file a provisional patent application for you. Your provisional application will be filed at the USPTO and give you one year to file a full non-provisional application. If you would like to know how to get a patent application filed at the patent office, you should call a patent attorney or patent agent.

Patent attorneys, patent agents and patent lawyers file patent applications at the USPTO.If you need the services of a patent agent, patent attorney, or patent law firm to show you how to file for a patent, plesae contact Integrity IP. We can file a patent application for you. Patent attorneys, patent agents, and patent lawyers will help you get a patentpatent legal services are necessary for inventors to secure the best possible patents. You should use the service of a patent agent to get a patent application filed for you.

Patenting, getting a patent, patented inventions, all require highly specialized patent legal services. Inventors should hire a patent lawyer or a patent attorney to write patent applications for them. Patent legal services are complex and best offered by patent legal experts having years of experience. You can protect your inventions and novel ideas with the helpof a competent patent agent. A competent patent agent with many years experience can show you how to file for a patent or can file a patent application for your invention.

If you would like to file a provisional application, or you want to know how to file a provisional patent application, you should talk to a patent attorney or patent agent. You can file a provisional by yourself after reading a how to file a provisional application guide. a provisional application is easy to write because there is no form or format requirements. A patent attorney or patent agent can help you, or you can write a provisional patent application yourself. You can file a provisional patent application yourself. Read our provisional patent application guide to learn how to write a provisional patent application.

Patent agents can write patents for biotech inventions. Biotech patents are usually complex and will generally require the help of a sophisticated and experienced patent attorney, patent lawyer or patent agent. You will find a patent agent, patent lawyer or patent attorney at a patent law firm that offers patent legal services. Biotechnology has particular attributes which make patenting more complex. You should hire a patent agent, patent attorney or patent lawyer with experience in biotechnology and biotech sciences to write your biotech patent applications. If you invention relates to biosciences, biokinetics, biotechnology, biological arts, you might consider hiring a patent agent, patent attorney or patent law firm with prior experiece in these fields.

Inventions in the field of physics, lasers, optics, et cetera can be very complex. Therefore, it is preferred to have an expert patent practitioner with experience in physics. A patent agent, patent attorey or law firm with expertise in physics is more likely to produce a broad scope patent and patent application. If your invention relates to physics, phyisical sciences inventions, quantum theory discoveries, nuclear energy research, you should hire a patent expert or patent counsel in this field. Physics patents are difficult to prepare well. Therefore, you should prefer to retain the legal services of a patent agent with a degree in physics or a patent lawyer with experiecne in physics.

Software, website and computer inventions often demand special expertise from a patent agent, patent attorney or law firm. please select a law firm with an excellent track record in patenting computer related inventions. Website patents, patents for web applications, web inventions, web discoveries all demand the specialist knowledge of a patent practitioner having computer science experience. Patent agents patent attorneys and patent lawyers having little or no experience in computer sciences, web engineering, Android ap development, et cetera, will not prepard excellent patent applications. If you need to file for a patent application, or prepare a patent application, or file a provisional application for a computer related invention, you should contact an expert in computer patents.

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