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We provide solid patent applicaiton preparation on a foundation of science and experience. More than 25 years of legal and science practice provides basis from which better applications arise. If your IP needs include matters having an advanced science component, please let us show you how we can assist.

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Patent Protection Strategy for Start-ups

Building a patent portfolio suitable for maximizing value in a young company includes a particular IP strategy. We are mindful that start-ups have limited budgets that impose constraints on project scope. With maximum efficiency, we can deliver broad IP foundations that can be built upon and expanded later when improved budgets support additional work.

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Science and Technology

With many years of experience with inventions having advanced science at the core, we are ready to visit your office or laboratory for a disclosure meeting where we will be able to advise you on possible strategy in just an hour or two. You'll have a clear idea of cost / benefits before spending a single dollar. Then you can readily decide if our service is right for your company.

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United States Patent and Trademark Office

Integrity IP will be happy to represent you before the United States Patent and Trademark Office and under the Patent Cooperation Treaty for patents in over 150 countries. Patent applications having a significant scientific component deserve extra care and Integrity IP is well positioned to deliver the required expertise with vigor and experience.

Value Added

From inception to grant, we start with your great ideas and convert them valuable corporate assets - patents. A patent portfolio often contributes considerably to corporate valuation and often IP can become a primary corporate asset.

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Until you have full confidence in our ability to provide exceptional representation of your case, you pay nothing. Our initial efforts to understand your business are not billable hours. Shaking hands is free. You won't get surprise invoices from Integrity IP. Our work speaks for itself. You can thank us later.

Your patent portfolio starts with a meeting to decide which inventive concepts are most commercially valuable to your bottom line. After identifying these, we will together make a sensible plan to prepare 1 or more patents to achieve excellent breadth in view of how competitors might attempt copy. In this way, we can protect your markets that you have developed by having superior products.

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For more than 25 years we have developed expertise in the following specialty fields including professional knowledge of patent office and Fed. Cir. court treatment in these areas.

Bio Technologies

Genomics, Diagnostics Testing/Mayo, CRISPR, Gene Drive, Personal Medicine

Optical Sciences

Lasers, Optics, Physics, Non-linear Optics, Microlithography, Semiconductor Lasers, Holography, Lens Arrays, Advanced Physical Measurement

Computer Science

Software Patents, Coding, Internet, Website, Web Commerce, .Net, Database, Distributed Systems


Bitcoin, Blockchain, Ethereum, Solidity, Smart Contracts, AltCoins

Vision Systems and Imaging

Photography, Imaging, Synthetic Imaging, Lidar, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Robotic Cameras


Solid State, GaAs, Material Sciences, Quantum Cascade, Transistor, Microcontrollers, Microlithography

Business Method

Software, Commerce, Electronic Commerce, Internet, Bilski, Alice

Energy Systems

Power Storage, Wave Energy Converters, Generation, Power Transfer, Battery, Super Capacitor

Practice Notes

Special topics of interest are presented here in a blog style forum. Please visit the IIP 'practice notes' to follow some of the current notes that may affect your intellectual property strategies.

Latest Practice Notes

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IIP Library

Integrity IP keeps some important patent related texts in PDF format in our library for quick access. Please browse this collection to find documents that might be useful for your interests.


Stay informed with our social posts on Twitter and publications on Linked in. Please be advised those posts are general information and likely cannot be justly applied to any particular matter without further careful review.


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