It is called 'legal practice' for a reason.  Law is ever changing and one continuously improve a working understanding over years of doing or practicing.  Since 1992, Integrity IP has represented patent cases in the USPTO with great attention to getting the best end result for the task at hand.  This includes establishing a rapport with examiners, monitoring trends of the group art unit and examining corp in general.  Further, keeping up with the Patent Office official guidelines and changes thereto.  After considerable interactions with these and other systems, one establishes the ability to get things done and more effectively achieve a desired result.


More than 25 years

            After more than 25 years, one sees a thing or two.  The Patent Office has made many changes in that time and has been through 7 commissioners.  But the foundation remains as it is set forth in the U.S. Constitution as Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 written in 1787.    Indeed, since Renaissance era Italy in 1421 where the first recorded patent system developed the collective community has gathered knowledge as one body of work.  From this, we go about our work to bring into existence that which converts great ideas into private property – intellectual property.


Direct Hit

            Having experience with nearly every aspect of patent procedure, it becomes clear what works and what doesn't work.  In absence of having gone down that road, one may be inclined to try many things at once to find one that works.  This produces the undesirable result of drawing attention from the clear successful argument and most direct path to patent grant.

            "With the courage which only comes of justified self-confidence, he dared to rest his case upon its strongest point, and so avoided that appearance of weakness and uncertainty which comes of a clutter of arguments. Few lawyers are willing to do this; it is the mark of the most distinguished talent."

- Judge Learned Hand

Entrust Integrity IP

            With this background of experience you can rest assured that your matter will benefit from the wealth of knowledge that is represented by more than 25 years of patent legal practice.  With a few 'arrows in the back', strong patent prosecution is assured.








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