Breadth of Protection

Patent Depth

            Unfortunately, so many see a patent from a point-of-view where it is impossible or very difficult to appreciate its strength.  A patent's strength lies in the breadth of its claims.  The claim section of a patent sets forth its scope of protection and this is where the value lies.  In very many cases, a patent claim set is quite 'thin' in that it doesn't protect anything other than a very specific version.  Thus, competition can easily over-run the patent and effectively copy the idea.

            "Can't they just change one little thing and get around the patent?"

- Anonymous

Broadest Permissible  

            Integrity IP will represent your patent matter with a very aggressive approach to establishing the broadest claim set permissible.  While it is far easier to prepare patent claims of narrow scope and indeed those claims have a much easier time in examination with an early grant.  Preparing broad scope patent claim set takes hard work and much concentration. 

            For every case we take, we work to envisage the maximum depth of the invention so we can pursue the broadest possible set of claims.  In this way, the result we will produce is most valuable to the client as our patents will block competition from copying, nearly copying, or even thinking about copying. We include every variation and version that can possibly be anticipated – and we wrap those into a layered claim set.

            It is not an easy task to do this well.  However, it does produce the very best end result.


Onion Layers

            A great patent claim set is like the layers of an onion.  The claims are more detailed and introduce more definition in subsets of dependent claims.  At Integrity IP, we begin a patent application by first anticipating the largest scope in view of the prior art.  From there, a proposed onion layer claim set is set forth.  This is considered in detail to assure the proper depth of protection is being pursued.  Only then, is the rest of application prepared.  This strategy assures that the application reflects the maximum coverage.











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