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Elevator Pitch

Get to the Point!

Elevator Pitch
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What is an 'Elevator Pitch'?

An Elevator Pitch is your quick introduction to yourself or your project. You should consider this your very brief introduction. The objective is to stimulate a listener's interest in a very short time. The name 'elevator pitch' implies it is so short it can be finished on a brief elevator ride.

Be very clear and to the point

Either written or oral, an elevator pitch always has one attribute: it is clear and to the point. One way to assure this is to edit your pitch word-by-word and ask whether any can be eliminated without losing meaning. State the primary points in as few sentences as possible. Use simple sentences. Use few works. Get to the point and be quick about it.

Elevator Pitches are Used to Introduce Ideas

Remember, the details of your project can be given in an executive summary or full business plan. Do not try to present detail in an elevator pitch. Rather, use an elevator pitch as an introduction. Just present the major points of the project in introductory language. Do not use argument, long reasoning, statistics, hard to read complex charts, et cetera. Just introductory language and maybe a simple diagram.

The Elevator Pitch Should Include a 'Pop'

An elevator pitch should be a bit exciting and include some 'pop'. After all, it is intended to stimulate further interest. There must be a 'hook' which catches the reader's (listener's) attention and causes her to ask for more. Review your elevator pitch and ask yourself - "What is the hook?". You should be able to point to one specific part and believe that it will draw interest and lead to follow up questions. A main objective is to lead the reader into the concept so they ask for more information.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Since the presentation must be brief, use of diagrams and images tend to help. Diagrams and images convey more information in a shorter time that text. Good diagrams which are easy to read really help some elevator pitches to shine. Conversely, lots of text and complex long sentences easily cause a reader's attention to drop. Accordingly, a good elevator pitch sometimes uses nice clear diagrams in addition to some brief text.

Today we live in a digital world

Publish your elevator pitch in pdf format. These are easy to e-mail, paste in-line, append to other pdf documents, et cetera. Because widespread distribution is sometimes necessary, preparing your elevator pitch in a single sheet pdf is a good idea. You'll find that when you are pushed for time, it is merely a simple 'click' to attached to an e-mail message. In this regard, you won't have to try to present the information in the body of the email but rather everything which is carefully prepared is already in the attachment.

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