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Free Patent Program

Free patents for excellent students

Free Patents


How to get a free patent

You might be wondering 'how can I get a free patent'? While we sympathize with you regarding the very high costs of getting a patent, it is very hard to get something for nothing these days. It is especially hard to find pro bono patents or free patents. …but it's not impossible! That's right, you might be able to get a free patent with the help of the good legal practitioners at Integrity IP.
Members of the legal community recognize the importance of making legal services available without cost to those who would otherwise be unfairly excluded for lack of funding (pro bono). In that spirit, Integrity IP has enacted its free patent program. For the public good, this program is designed to advance the position and status of great science works by our young inventors and to make available to them at no cost the otherwise expensive patent prosecution processes. Further, Integrity IP challenges all of our honorable colleagues to adopt similar programs to bring pro bono patent services to all students who deserve same. You can please contribute to this worthy charitable effort by patronizing only those law firms who have established similar programs to bring free patents to our nation's most excellent science students. Students not only learn about science, but they also experience first hand realities of commercializing their good efforts to produce economic returns.
To qualify for the Integrity IP free patent program, a student must have a winning science project (either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd prize) in any regional (multi-school) science fair. Students must apply to this program by submitting a request to participate and a brief project description to Integrity IP for review. All applicants must enter their submission by March 30 of each calendar year to qualify. After judging is complete in your science fair, you must contact us again to notify us of your status as a science fair winner. Integrity IP will judge qualified submissions and select one most suitable for submission to the United States Patent and Trademark office. All prosecution costs will be paid by Integrity IP. After the Patent Office conducts a thorough patentability examination, the student can be granted a United States Patent by the Commissioner of Patents and Trademarks.


1.1 Pre-college Only pre-college students may enter. Students not graduated by any high school on the entry deadline March 30 are eligible.

1.2 Citizenship While it is not necessary that a student by a United States citizen, you must be enrolled in a United States high school and your project entered in a United States regional science fair.

1.3 Agreement Applicants must agree to all terms and conditions of the IIP pro bono patent program agreement and return a signed (with parent) and dated copy for eligibility.

2.1 Deadline Entries must be first submitted by March 30 of each calendar year. Entries received after the deadline will not be valid, cannot be answered and cannot be returned.

2.2 Submissions Entry must include a brief (single page) description of the project, a reference letter from a school advisor with contact information, student identity and contact information.

2.3 E-mail Submit all entries via e-mail to: probonopatent@integrityip.com.

2.4 Limit Entry is limited to one submission per individual student per year.

3.1 Notice Notice will be published on the Integrity IP website of the lucky winner of the pro bone patent program no later than July 1. Notice will not be provided to individuals and materials cannot be returned.

3.2 Final Selection Selection results are exclusively determined by Integrity IP and are not subject to review or examination. Integrity IP reserves the right to privately determine the project most suitable at their sole discretion and those results are final and not subject to review appeal or contest. Integrity IP will not be able to comment in any regard on those projects not selected.



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