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Inventor Coach

A great wealth of good advice

Inventor Coach


What is an inventor coach?

     An inventor coach is a person who offers services, particularly advice services, to inventors who are not in possession of all the skills it requires to elevate a product idea to commercial success. Few things are certain in marketing new products, but one thing is: there are a great many skills one has to acquire before finding that path to success. An invention coach usually is well positioned to help inventors find their way through the maze of obstacles which can prevent a great idea from becoming a valuable commercial product.
     Converting an invention to a commercial success is usually hard. Inventor coaches with many years of experience tend to have a special view of this product development world. They can quickly see the failure points that often destroy an inventor's dreams. Therefore, just a few hours advice from these guys will prevent you from the high price of learning via trial and error. Few among us have the patience to learn by making mistakes and then moving on. Usually, these mistakes are expensive and tend to crush our motivation. Using an invention coach might help you avoid these mistakes without having to learn the hard way.


What Your Inventor Coach Will Do

     An inventor coach will advise you on product development. There are many, many aspects to advancing a great idea into a commercial product. An inventor coach will provide insight and guidance for many of these tasks. In addition, your inventor coach will steer you to materials and resources which can help you increase your knowledge of various parts of the product development process. Your inventor coach will use his network of contacts and friends to put you onto the best possible track towards your business goals.

What Your Inventor Coach Will NOT Do

An Inventor Coaches is not a Venture Capitalist
     While an invention coach is great at navigating the paths towards success, they typically are not venture capitalists. Therefore they likely will not provide capital funding to advance your project. Quite the opposite, they will charge a reasonable fee for their good services and advice. You should expect to pay them for the help they will provide. They might have contacts with business angels and venture capitalists, but this is generally not their role.

An Inventor Coach is not a Patent Attorney
     Inventor coaches are also generally not patent experts. While they know many important things about patents and patenting inventions, they are rarely certified to practice patent law. Therefore when it comes to patents, invention coaches should yield to those who are experts in this field. Typically, an invention coach will tell his clients 'do not rush to patent'. Patenting an idea early is a common mistake which is likely to consume an entire project budget. So, an invention coach usually advises away from an early patent. However in some important cases, failing to address patent issues at an early date will totally preclude the possibility of getting patent protection later. Therefore, you must be careful when advised to put off the patent work. This point is a real compromise. You must examine your budget carefully and determine where it is best spent.
An Inventor Coach is not a Fortune Teller
     An inventor coach cannot see the future. No one can guarantee your success. Please avoid asking any advisor to predict the future. Instead, put nose to grind and do the hard work necessary to keep your project moving in the right direction.

An Inventor Coach is not your 'Mommy'
     Invention is a tough business. Stop Crying.

Your Patent Attorney is Way Too Expensive

     Do not use your patent attorney for an invention coach. Usually, a patent attorney is very expensive - as much as $650 per hour. It is a bad idea to pay them this fee while asking advice on product development issues. While your patent attorney might be excellent in determining whether or not something is patentable, he probably has far less skill in commercialization of products. Therefore it is a bad choice to pay a very high price to get product development advice from a patent expert. Get patent advice from your patent attorney.

Some invention coaches with a good reputation.

     While Integrity IP does not endorse any of the following and cannot provide any assurance whatever as to their rates of success or any other measure of quality, we do nevertheless know the following to have a good web presence and many years of experience which includes a substantial amount of useful material for new inventors taking the path to products commercialization.

Mattew Yubas
     Mr. Yubas has developed some very nice materials for inventors. These are inexpensive and some you can download them immediately from the Internet.
Stephen Key
     I like Stephen Key. He has a good attitude and is very matter-of-fact. No fancy razzmatazz in his program. Watch a few of his nice product videos to see what I mean.
Roger Brown
     Roger Brown has a friendly way and he tries to assist inventors with their projects in a polite and straightforward way. He can often be found in Internet forums relating to invention such as InventorSpot and EdisonNation.
Lambert and Lambert
     In a world (invention promotion) where one will find few honest dealers, Lambert and Lambert are surrounded by those less honest. This might be the only true invention promotion company who actually tries to advance ideas for the benefit of its clients. They have been around for many years and their reputation is good.


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