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The New and Improved USPTO

Things are getting better at Crystal Palace

     Great emphasis has been put on clearing the backlog of patents and getting things done right the first time. It is starting to pay off. USPTO Commissioner Kappos is getting the job done. The backlog of unexamined patents continues to shrink every day, patent office funding is largely intact, examiners are motivated to clear applications more than ever. With the new America Invents Act, new laws are starting to shape up our new patent system. And it is working.
     The patent office might now be running in the most efficient state ever. Further, it is continues to improve. Modern systems are being put in place that help process the huge amount of patents which are examined each year. Advanced computers and public access via Internet permit what could be considered excellent customer service. The ‘patent application information retrieval’ system PAIR provides direct access to pending patents in your internet browser. The Commissioner regularly reports on his own blog details of what is going on. Indeed, we have a new patent office.

     Although the patent office has been in Virginia for a very long time, there is now a mandate to have more than one patent office. That is right, the patent office is branching out and there will soon be several satellite offices. The first satellite office is to be made in Detroit, Michigan. This will further improve access for inventors as well as provide important high quality jobs where they are desperately needed. New locations will follow the Detroit office which is expected to open in 2014.
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