Representative Clients of Integrity IP

     The following clients of Integrity IP have enjoyed the benefit of our patent services. We are proud to serve the patent needs of the following prestigious companies. We hope you will join our list soon.

SmartDrive Systems; San Diego
SmartDrive Systems builds in vehicle video camera recorders to capture anomaly incidents for security and maintenance purposes
Pathway Genomics; San Diego
Direct to consumer, personal genetics testing and health services
Amadeus; London
Amadeus is a European Based Venture and Risk Capitalist
BlueWave; San Diego
Wave energy converter systems for ocean energy conversion
GeoVector; San Francisco
GeoVector Corp. builds spatially aware systems to present imaging and data recall related to a users position and orientation
Ecole Polytechnique Federal Lausanne; Lausanne, Switzerland
The Federal University of Lausanne includes computer science operations involved in highly innovative research and development
Science Applications International Inc.; Worldwide
Department of Defense based high tech
Gazillion; San Mateo
Leader in novel dynamic redering for computer game industry
Sahelian Law Offices; Laguna Hills
Law firm practice in general and business law
Accurate Staging; Los Angeles
Entertainment and Staging Equipment Manufacturing
SmartyCard; San Mateo
Child's play and learning software
ACOL Technologies; Moscow, Russia
High brightness LED manufacture and design
Nextivity; San Diego
Communications Link Electronics equipment manufacturer
E - Band; San Diego
Leader in communications backhaul at 60 - 80 Ghz
Big Rock Engineering; Marina Del Rey, CA
Guitar Equipment
Tobii; Stockholm, Sweeden
Human behavior analysis via eye tracking software
Club Glove; Huntingon Beach
Club Glove is a golf equipment manufacturing company in Huntington Beach, California
Fing'rs; Malibu
Consumer products manufacturer having a world wide network of cosmetic products
Daylight Solutions; Poway
Laser technology company designers of Quantum Cascade Lasers
Mobility Inc; La Jolla
Manufacturing and Design of Medical Devices for Mobility Limited persons
NingBo Times International Trading; NingBo, China
Lighting and Consumer Products Manufacturing
Scheyden Eyewear; Huntington Beach
High performance and quality eyewear
Quantcast; San Francisco
Internet and Web measurement systems and analytics
GWR Instruments; San Diego
Superconduction, Helium Liquefier and Purifiers
On Time; Temecula

Payment Protection Systems for automobiles
Advanced BodyMetrics Corp; Del Mar

Health and medical measurement systems for athletes
Nu-Breath; El Cajon
Consumer Products Manufacturing in Breath Candy
Fluent Biomedical; San Diego
Glucose monitoring via non-invasive optical solutions
Software Partners; Encinitas
Software partners builds advanced database systems for healthcare applications.
Hugle Lithography; Neuchatel, Switzerland
Semiconductor industry manufacturing
Holtronic; Neuchatel, Switzerland
Exposure equipment for lithography
IntelliTouch; San Diego, CA
On-hold audio business products
Maxima Corporation; San Diego
Free-space optical communications systems
Xinek SAS; Paris, France
Internet e-tailer associates programs for product referal club
EmCal Scientific; Poway
Scientific Equipment for Educational Use
GolfGear International; Huntington Beach
Professional Golf Equipment Manufacturing
CardLogix; Irvine
Innovative smart card systems and design manufacturing
...and Numerous Individual Inventors; Worldwide
Our clients both big and small come from leading entrepreneur companies with tomorrow's great ideas
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