UIA Interviews Experts

UIA speaks to invention experts on patenting and how to invent

United Inventors Association interviews a few notable experts to gleen important patent information from the pros. This video is a good place to pick up a few tips from some insiders

Patent Scams - Invention Promotion Companies

ABC helps inventors avoid patent scams and invention promotion companies

ABC News exposes some patent promotion companies which take lots of money from inventors but gives little or nothing back. Watch this video with a notepad - you'll want to avoid companies mentioned

Patent Searching on Google

Hands on look at the Google search facility

Very good introduction to patent searching on the Google Patents databases and search engines.

Where Good Ideas Come From

The brewing of ideas takes time

Clever thoughts about how we nurture and grow ideas

Stephen Key on Inventions

Take notes first timers - good advice from Stephen Key

Stephen Key gives some good suggestions on use of the provisional patent application

Qualcomm congratulates the PCT on their 2,000,000 patent!

Qualcomm on PCT and international patents

Paul Jacobs CEO of Qualcomm points out how important the PCT system is to their patent strategy

John Doll talks on patents

A few words on patents from the former commissioner

Former Commissioner of the USPTO

Director Jon Dudas of the USPTO

A presentation to the small inventor on patents and how to patent.

Director of the USPTO talks to inventors about patents, patenting and the United States Patent Office. Director Dudas is a strong advocate for the patent rights of the individual and small inventors.

How to do a patent search

A brief look at some steps of the patent search

From the folks at "Invent Something", this brief video will get you started with some basic steps of a patent search

Creativity and Thinking

thinking in a stepwise fashion

Old style tips on the thought process. This video is probably from the 60s - but good thinking was around then too so the concepts discussed here are still relevant
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While it has long been the case that algorithms per se are not patentable, computer software is not under the same restriction.  Computer software and in particular computer software related to business methods have been under some serious judicial review of late.  The final result from the United States Supreme Court: computer software is largely patentable in re Bilski.  Further, European national courts seem to be taking the same position more each day as might be illustrated by the high German court ruling which upheld a major Microsoft patent recently. Patent Attorney, Patent law Software Patents - Bilski
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