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Introduction to Integrity IP Patent Legal Services

Integrity IP is a patent prosecution law firm proud to represent new emerging companies in their efforts to establish strong portfolios of patents for their innovation. Specifically, our primary services include patent prosecution before the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Companies in early stages of financing benefit from our ability to quickly convert their discoveries, innovation, invention and 'know-how' into tangible assets – or patents.


International Patent Law Firm

Integrity IP has offices in Europe and California in technology and research centers. In particular, our European office is in the French ‘silicon valley’ technopole called Sophia Antipolis. Further, we have an office in San Diego near leading biology, genetics and telecommunications research facilities. You can see our locations better via the image of Google Maps here. As such, we are well positioned to visit your offices and science staff no matter where you are. Please feel free to schedule a personal meeting at your office anytime.

We encourage personal visits at your facility - wherever you may be. In this way, we can most effectively build a solid working relationship with a greater understanding of your work and projects. Just let us know when it is convenient for you to assemble your science staff and we will calendar a meeting for you.

With regard to protection of inventions, a high-quality personal exchange during the disclosure stage promotes excellent patent scope and improved results generally. Please take advantage of this exceptional direct access to the United States Patent and Trademark Office by calling or e-mailing us today. We can schedule a visit, should one be required, at your convenience.


Start-Up Companies

We specialize and offer particular support to young start-up companies looking to improve their valuation in view of coming financing events. A good, solid collection of patents is sometimes necessary for a preferred financing event with respect to fair valuations. Young companies readily raise capital on the back of a carefully prepared patent strategy as venture capitalists often find a quality patent portfolio very attractive means of protecting their investment. Indeed, a lack of patents can sometimes be a great impediment to many deals seeking early stage financing for a start-up company.


Patent Expertise

While we take great pride in our ability to work effectively in many important sciences and disciplines, we have particular proficiencies in the following areas including:

Computer Sciences Patents

Integrity IP staff comprises competent computer and database programmers. As such, we have personally written hundreds of thousands of lines of computer code. For this unique position 'in-the-trenches' we are more able to fully see and understand inventions in computer and programming sciences, particularly website inventions, from the perspective of the programmer.


Optical Sciences Innovations

We have prepared many patents for lasers and optical science inventions and have a particular background which supports expertise in this field. If you have complex optical inventions and require expertise in the optical sciences, we invite you to take advantage of our prior experience in this field which will result in superior patent applications for your optical sciences innovations.


Electronic Vision Systems Patents

Electro-optic vision is used in many important new technologies throughout many fields. We have been writing patent applications for electro-optic vision systems since 1993 and we continue to write patents for this important field today.


Genetics and Gene Patents

The battle over the gene patent question continues in the highest courts. Despite the fact that the final word on Myriad (BRCA gene patent) is not yet (2012) in, we do know one thing for certain, genetics invention is to be well protected by patents. Anything more than a pure nucleic acid is likely to receive strong patent protection. Isolated genes - although they are nothing more than that which occurs in nature (by some arguments) - they may never-the-less also be afforded protection as the isolated gene yields very important functionality not present when the gene is in its natural form.



BioTech and medicine enjoy wonderful advance year over year. These advances are the result of armies of researchers fighting vigorously to crack new problems which affect all of mankind. Biotech invention is often complex and cumbersome as the technical description can be challenging. Where complex biosystem descriptions need to be converted to a patent disclosure, you will need to rely upon a patent expert with many years of experience. We are careful to stay abreast of the latest developments in the courts to be certain that our biotech patent applications always account for the latest rulings (i.e. Mayo v. Prometheus patent).



Today our handy cell phones are becoming the new personal computer. Will full and complete access to internet - modern cell phones are our primary communications device for both voice and electronic messaging. Further, these hand-held computers operate as photography equipment, navigation equipment, among many others. Integrity IP started writing patents in mobile telecommunications fields in the early 90's when the old Motorola 'Star Tac' was considered cool and Qualcomm was completely unknown to industry outsiders.


CleanTech and Alternative Energy Invention

In a big push to save our planet, man has finally realized some additional effort and cleverness should be applied to energy use. To this end, CleanTech and GreenTech inventions have been brought forth by the most advanced scientist working to keep the Earth clean and safe. Integrity IP is proud to participate in this nobel cause by writing patent s for wave energy converters among others.


Sports Equipment

Because sports are sometimes based upon the notion of gaining every conceivable edge and advantage, some sports equipment manufactures use patents to gain their competitive edge in sports equipment markets. Since the beginning, Integrity IP has represented sports equipment manufactures with the spirit of competition. In particular, golf club innovations of the first metal driver pioneers have been our clients and enjoyed patent protection established by Integrity IP.



Although algorithms are strictly not patentable, applied mathematics when used to some physical system may well be. Unique algorithms used to drive equipment and systems in a particular manner previously unknown is entitled patent protection. We encourage you to examine your novel uses of mathematics and ask whether it may be important commercially to gain patent protection.


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Steven Key runs a pretty good operation. He was around and about in the patent community at least 20 years ago and has been offering good patent and invention advice to new product developers during all those years. Today, he makes nice informative videos and publishes a good website called Inventor Notes. In addition, he does a 'radio show' about patents and inventions. Another site which promotes his license services is InventRight. We like Mr. Key.

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