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The following are patent related news feeds

US Patent News

This patent news feed is provide as a general scope national patent news service with top stories in the United States relating to patents and patent related events.

BioTech Patent News

A BioTech patent news feed is directed to stories and news releases in the BioTech industries. Biotech patents are presently being granted at furious pace and the patent laws are constantly being challenged by the complexities of issues related to the biosciences. Gene patents, diagnostic tests, patented living organisms, drug patents, each of these topics appears in the news headlines nearly daily.

Genetics Patent News

Genetics patent news is full of quickly changing information primarily centered around the Myriad BRCA gene patents suite. These patent claim isolated DNA fragments which are used as markers for disease. While the patent office has been granting patents for genes for over 30 years, the issue remains quite in play as the supreme court ruled that the federal court should have another look at the topic - yet again. Keep abreast of the latest developments in gene patent news via this real-time news feed always updated.

CleanTech and GreenTech Patent News

As industry scrambles to put into place new safe processing and methods, cleantech or greentech inventions now arrive at a very fast pace. While the challenges ahead remain formidable, we are no longer sitting by waiting - the players in the cleantech and greentech are serious and working hard. Follow all the developments relating to cleantech and greentech inventions in the cleantech and greentech patent news feed here.

Automotive Patent News

Since Henry Ford was furious at the patent attorney who patented the automobile as his own invention, the automobile industries have diligently set forth their property rights in the patent office. Even today, each new important development for tomorrow's vehicles can be first found in the automotive patent news.

Laser Patent News

Optical and Laser sciences often are disclosed first in patents which publish every Tuesday in the United States. This new feed is directed to the latest commercial developments in the optical sciences and laser sciences.

Energy Patent News

Energy patent news and especially alternative energy patent news remains an active forum in which one can learn of the most important advances an industry trends of the future.

Electronics Patent News

While electronics patent news is indeed a crowed space, fully 30% of US patents are somehow related to 'electronics', it does nevertheless hold the key to how the community moves. Often you can see the most important new trends in the electronics patent news.

Semiconductor Patent News

Semiconductor patent news brings to light the developments in the semiconductor arts and science.

NanoTech Patent News

While it may be among the youngest of science fields, nanotech patents indicate that a certain seriousness is present with respect for nanotech to have an impact on our lives in the future. Nanotech materials and process are likely to appear in many or all industries and these new materials and procedures are sure to make new advantage in many unexpected ways and manner. You will learn about these first by periodic review of our nanotech patent news pages.

Telecommunications Patent News

Who would deny that cell phones have changed our lives remarkably? There is no indication that this trend will meet and end. Indeed, the most vigorous patent battles today tend to be the telecommunications companies fighting over every tiny advance in the mobile computing and telecommunications fields.


Agriculture Patent News

We additionally include an agricultural patent news feed directed to technical advance in agricultural industries.




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While it has long been the case that algorithms per se are not patentable, computer software is not under the same restriction.  Computer software and in particular computer software related to business methods have been under some serious judicial review of late.  The final result from the United States Supreme Court: computer software is largely patentable in re Bilski.  Further, European national courts seem to be taking the same position more each day as might be illustrated by the high German court ruling which upheld a major Microsoft patent recently. Patent Agent Software Patents - Bilski
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